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Agenda for the meeting of Bilbrough Parish Council to be held on Tuesday, 21st  March 2017

                                                              At 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


  1. Apologies & Declarations
  2. Public Session
  3. Reports

District Councillor

County Councillor

Community Police

  1. Minutes of the last meeting
  2. Matters arising:

Salt bin check

  1. Representative Reports:

1) Village Hall

2) Cllr Elshaw – Playing field – proposal on renewing equipment

  1. For discussion:

1) Defibrillator

2) Speeding, parking, dog pooh bins, grass verges and signs

3) Village Newsletter

4) Friends of the playing field

5) Neighbourhood Plan

  1. For Information:
    Post and Circulation of Letters

Applications for consideration – To be advised by Cllr Elshaw


Applications approved


Applications withdrawn/refused


  1. Clerks Report, Finance, Income and precept


  1. Items for Village Website & Parish Magazine.


  1. Agenda items for next meeting


  1. Date of next meeting:

Tuesday, 9th May, 2017




Clerk Bilbrough Parish Council

Bilbrough Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting of Bilbrough Parish Council held on Tuesday, 10th January 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


Cllr Musgrave – District Councillor

Cllr Dawson – Chair

Cllr Bowes

Cllr Knight

Cllr Elshaw

Cllr Barker

Cllr Warriner


Mrs R Davison – Clerk


2 members of the public attended

  1. Apologies and Declarations: Apologies from Cllr Shanks
  2. Public Session:

The public session was opened with an issue regarding dog pooh bins that are placed around the village, and the concern of one being placed outside the playing field due to hygiene reasons.  A comment was made regarding residents who are dog walking around the village; surely they could take their dog waste home.  (a note is to be put in the Bilbrough newsletter) It was noted that some residents are using the already full waste bins as dog pooh bins.  It was also brought to our attention that the bins had not been emptied for a long time as they were overflowing and residents were still putting rubbish in an already overflowing bin.  The Selby District Council website had been checked as to how often the bins should be emptied and this stated once a week.  Cllr Musgrave to look into collection issue.

One dog pooh bins had already being situated in the village 2 years ago and the difference that dog pooh was picked up and put in the bins was duly noted and the village was a lot cleaner.

We were thanked by one member of the public regarding our efforts with regard to minimising the amount of dog pooh around the village, by putting in the bins.

There was also mention of a multi-coloured caravan parked on a resident’s property in the village.

It was also brought to the councils attention with regard to residents parking their cars on the road in Back Lane, rather than using their own drive way and causing obstruction to other vehicles trying to get past. Cllrs Dawson and Elshaw to action.

Also, some large stones have been placed on a grass verge on Main Street, this could cause damage to someone or a vehicle, especially at night time as we do not have street lights and the person who put them there would be liable for any damage.

  1. Reports:

District Councillor:  Cllr Musgrave affirmed that he would look into the collection of our bins in the village.

There had also been a bit of fly tipping around the area and if we see any, we are to report it immediately as the culprits are getting caught and fined!!

Warren Lodge have submitted further evidence to support their application, this is now being processed and should be resolved shortly.

Armstrong Massey will upgrade the road to McDonalds, once the road is transferred to them from Highways England.

Still trying to contact E Wilkin regarding the land just as you turn off the A64

There is also a talk of a green belt review, however, this should not affect Bilbrough.

County Councillor: Nothing to report

Community Police Report: Nothing to report

  1. Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and proposed by Cllr Elshaw and seconded by Cllr Bowes.

  1. Matters arising:

Salt Bins: the bin at the end of Back Lane and the end of Main Street, have been checked and filled.  Top of Laundry Hill to be checked by R Davison.

Most of the matters are again on the agenda and will be raised as the meeting progresses.

  1. Representative reports:

Village Hall: Nothing to report from the village hall.

Playing field: There is a schedule of work to be carried out on the playing field:

  • General Maintenance
  • There is an issue with a few trees, the lease is to be looked into, to see who is liable
  • Bark to be ordered and replaced
  • Parts to be replaced on the slide and another few bits and pieces require replacing on other play equipment, they were proposed to be ordered from Wickstead, amounting to around £300 – proposed by Cllr Elshaw, Seconded by Cllr Knight

Safety Committee:

A Bilbrough neighbourhood watch scheme is now set up on the Ourwatch website.

Registration details will be provided to all council members and should also be published in the Bilbrough Newsletter.

There also needs to be a discussion around where we would like the NHW street signs situated prior to us contacting Highways.  In addition to this, we can also apply for gatepost and footpath signs.

Further information will be provided as received.

  1. For Discussion:

Defibrillator: This is still at the Clerks house.  The Orchards, Back Lane, (horsebox parked on drive). However, we now have the contract for the official adoption of the telephone box on Main Street.  The Heartbeat Trust have told us that we now need to order our box to keep the aforementioned in, this has already been looked into and the average cost is around £600. This is a heated box with a pin code to access the defibrillator.        Cllr Dawson to action

Footpaths, grass verges, dog pooh bins and village signs: Dog pooh bins were already discussed earlier in the meeting.           All the village signs are in situ.  The surface water drain on Back Lane to Cat Lane has been reported.  The yellow line application for Cat Lane that was removed from the earlier application because of an objection has also being re-submitted.  Cllr Dawson to contact G Donaldson regarding yellow lines.

Village Newsletter: any items that people wish to be put in the newsletter needs to be received by 20th of every other month.

Friends of the playing field: Cllr Knight has received a quote for installation of gym equipment; new units and flooring around the existing play equipment.

530m2 of base works and wet pour rubber

100lm of precast concrete kerb edging

Removal and re-installation of 3no existing items

New Apollo Unit and 4no Outdoor Gym Units

Total cost £61,771.00 (exc VAT)

Now we have the quote, a meeting is to be set up with David Gluck with regard to raising money to develop the site.

Mandatory Transparency Code: This is a code that applies to different types of authorities, including Parish Councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000.  There is certain information that is/should be publicised, which is what we as a Parish Council will do via our website/notice board.

Neighbourhood Plan: An initial document has already been circulated to all councillors.  This is not going to be an easy task and will be a long process.  Cllrs Dawson and Warriner are prepared to front this.

This firstly involves a consultation meeting with stakeholders which David Gluck of the Tadcaster and Rural Enterprise Forum will organise. This will take place sometime in the Spring.

The process requires a consultation with stakeholders and council executives that will bring together a plan for all stakeholders and parties.  Once a plan is written then this has to be put out to referendum – this will be organised by the Local Council and residents are asked to vote.  If more than 50% are happy with the plan, it will be then put to Selby for formal adoption.

All Councillors were in agreement for this to get started.

Precept:  To be kept to the same as last year.

  1. 64. Post: The post was read out, this was with regard to ‘Battles Over’ a nations tribute on 11th November 2018.

This event will commemorate the huge army of men and women on the home front who, often in dangerous and exhausting conditions, underpinned the war effort – keeping the wheels of industry turning, bringing the harvests home and ensuring the nation did not starve.

320 town and parish council have already confirmed their involvement and will be lighting beacons at 7pm on 11th November 2018.

It was suggested that the Beacon for Bilbrough, would be lit on top of Ingrish Hill. Cllr Barker to confirm.

  1. 65. Planning: Applications:

            McDonalds: for 8 internal illuminated signs

Normans Farm: Retrospective application to conduct civil weddings

Bilbrough Manor: Appeal gone in regarding recent decline of planning permission

Campbell House: To trim back trees by 30%

2 Cat Lane: Demolition of single storey and garage and erection of double and single storey extension

Warren Lodge: Have sent in supporting evidence regarding their application.

We have no objections to any of the above.





Approved Plans:

No1. Ravenscroft; To lopping of trees

McDonalds: for 8 internal illuminated signs

Mr and Mrs Barker: Barn Conversion

Normans Farm: Conduct of Civil Weddings

  1. Clerks Report: The accounts were read out and agreed. (copies of which can be obtained from the Clerk).
  2. Items for the Village Website and Parish Magazine:

Transparency Code to be put on the website

  1. Agenda Items for the next meeting:

Dog Pooh Bins

  1. Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 7th March 2017


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