Fairfax Family Timeline (Bilbrough)



Fairfax Time Line


  • 1556 Tithes and Manor of Bilbrough disposed of to Sir William Fairfax of Steeton


  • 1560 Thomas, first Lord Fairfax, born at Bilbrough Manor


  • Between 1649 & 1663 Sir Thomas Fairfax owned Gray’s Court, Ogleforth, near the Minster in York.  He preceded Oliver Cromwell as Commander-in-Chief of the Parliamentary armies in the Civil War, won the Battle of Naseby in 1645 and, a year earlier, played a prominent part in the siege of York and the Battle of Marston Moor


  • 1671 Thomas, third Lord Fairfax (Black Tom) dies.  At this time Bilbrough Manor was occupied by his chaplain Rev. R. Stretton.  Tithes and Manor of Bilbrough purchased by Admiral Robert Fairfax


  • 1671 Shortly after Black Tom’s death Bilbrough Manor was demolished and a new Bilbrough Hall erected to the west (on the site now occupied by the Old Stable Houses)


  • 1804 Thomas Fairfax born at Bilbrough Hall


  • 1872 Thomas Fairfax demolished the old church and built the one now standing (2012)


  • 1875 Colonel Thomas Ferdinand Fairfax succeeded on death of his father


  • 1884 Guy Fairfax succeeded on death of his father


  • 1900 Ferdinand (“Ferdie”) Fairfax was born.  Bilbrough Hall demolished.  Fairfax family moved temporarily to Bilbrough Grange


  • 1900 – 1902 Bilbrough Manor re-erected on the original site, following the ground plan of the 16th century House.  New Manor designed by Temple Moore, famous church architect

(Fiona Pearson)


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  1. Mrs A J Elson (nee Keates) says:

    I lived in Bilbrough in the early 1960’s and 1970’s. I knew Ferdie Fairfax and his wife. If you require some anecdotes of what he used to get up to please contact me. He was such a character and his wife was charming. I can be emailed on jane@nbahr.co.uk. Thank you. comment left 2/6/15.