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Road Safety in Bilbrough.

The Parish Council has been trying to address a concern of many residents, that of speeding vehicles coming into the village and, indeed, speeding though the village. In September, members of the council conducted an informal survey of signs and road markings which has since been discussed at Council meetings and reviewed with North Yorkshire Highways.

The main issue for us is the road safety one – cars speeding through the village – and it seems very difficult to find effective solutions to this. Road calming measure have been suggested but we don’t think residents would really want to go down that route as it would spoil the rural quality of the village. They would not necessarily be supported by Highways anyway. We have spoken to the community police who have been very helpful. The Council are meeting again informally on 27th January to discuss this and produce an action plan but for the moment the key things we want to do are as follows:

• Replace the gateway signs on Cat Lane and Redhill Lane and add ‘Please Drive Carefully’ to all 3 gateway signs.
• Resite the Redhill Lane gateway sign closer to the A64 (just after the parking area).
• Move the 30mph signs on Moor Lane (towards Catterton) and Redhill Lane (towards A64) further out.
• Add a supplementary sign on the bend in Cat Lane saying ‘oncoming vehicles in middle of road’.

The council will also undertake to clean existing signs and make them more visible.

At the moment, this is as far as the Council can go. We are continuing to consult with the Community Police and North Yorkshire Highways, we are investigating the possibility of making the village a 20 mph area and we have a supply of forms that residents can use to report speeding vehicles. If you want some, please ask your councillors.

Any comments would be most welcome. Please contact one of your councillors or email bpc@bilbroughvillage.co.uk. The council meets informally on the last Tuesday of every month in the Three Hares at 7pm. Please join us and share your views.